onsdag 14 augusti 2013

OTP :c

No one else is here
Just some sounds of silence that I do not fear
I'm counting every store
I wonder where you are
Have you forgotten I'm the one you once adored?

I realize you're so hard to know and I wonder where we are
And you will never be the same but you remain
You're always in my heart
And I can hear you calling
I can hear you calling now

It's easy us to fall
But not to lose your pride
They say it's best for all
What more can I say?
I miss you everyday
And I wonder will we ever be alright
It feels like everything is here for you tonight

I figured we'll be fine now
Forgiving all the time we've spent
And I thought this you'd be mine now...

And I want you to know
I miss you so and I wonder where we are
Do you ever think of me and what we'd be if we never grew up apart?

Hur kan man lyssna på denna låten och INTE tänka Jamie/2?

.. Ok, troligtvis alla förutom jag, men ändå...

3 kommentarer:

  1. De är söta ihop ♥ Jag brukar inte ship'a "Äldre/Yngre" med sådan åldersskillnad, men i detta fallet är det omöjligt x'3 ♥

    1. Btw, captachan till den här kommentaren gav mig en superblixtidé till ett roll o.o'

    2. I knoow T3T ♥

      Aha? oAo Vad sade den då?